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Friday, August 18, 2017
Jefferson Elementary Center
Jefferson Elementary Center
825 Lions Road • Jefferson Twp, PA 18436 • (570) 689-2656 • FAX (570) 689-3825
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A Message from the Principal:

Dear Jefferson Families,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at Jefferson Elementary!  Our team has been hard at work preparing everything from facilities to lesson plans that will ensure that your child has the opportunity to make this the best year, ever.  We are enthusiastic about all of the possibilities ahead and look forward to welcoming you and your children very soon.

The summer months are a time of astounding growth for all of our students.  They walk through our doors taller, more mature, and enriched by the experiences you have provided them with these last 3 months.  As their parents, you have worked to keep them learning and exploring, and we thank you for that!  As you wrap up the summer together, please take the time to review sight words and math facts, read a few more great books, and get back into those nightly and morning routines that will set your children up for success.

We recognize how busy family life can be and strive to provide many ways for parents to be involved in our school family.  Joining our PTA is one great way to help out.  By simply being a member, your dues go directly to our students in the form of field trips, daily planners, holiday treats, and so much more.  There are also many opportunities to assist be it volunteering at a movie night, helping with a fundraiser, assisting with decorating for the holidays, helping deliver the birthday wagon, or working with our students during Kids Go Shopping in December.
Now is a great time to remind you that if you wish to be a volunteer in our school via the PTA or for any field trips or school related events, you will need to have your PA state mandated background clearances on file with us at the school.  We ask that parents, who wish to volunteer in any capacity, provide us with a copy of those clearances at the start of each year.  You can find information regarding how to obtain your clearances through our Jefferson Elementary PTA website. Visit, select Jefferson Elementary, and then select Jefferson PTA.

August is a great month to set goals for the coming school year.  I make it a practice to do so, and I know our professional team at Jefferson does, too.  Our students are not too young to think about their hopes and dreams for the year ahead and to have meaningful conversations about how those hopes and dreams can become realities if they make a plan with the help of their family and their school.  Discussing and then writing down goals for the school year or even for the first quarter or month of school that are related to academic growth, personal growth, and social contributions can set our students on the right path to achieving them.  Goal setting is an important life-skill and one that we can support, together.  Posting your children’s goals in the kitchen or other family area will help remind you both of what they are working toward and how they plan to get there.  Experts suggest that student goals be S.M.A.R.T.:

Specific. What is it that you want to accomplish? Usually one needs to answer the 5 Ws (Who? What? Where? When? Why?)
Measurable. How will you know when the goal is accomplished?

Attainable. Is it realistic? The goal should be one that, with effort and a plan, an elementary level student can achieve.
Relevant. Does this goal meet a need?

Time-bound. What is the deadline for meeting this goal?

Our school counselor, Mrs. Johnson can offer advice as well as templates for goal setting if you would like and there are also many available on-line.  I look forward to talking with our students about their goals and how they are working to achieve them in the months ahead!

Each year, I like to answer the question asked by many parents: what does my child need for the first day of school?  Usually parents mean “what supplies or resources” when they ask that question.  The answer: a backpack and a water bottle, but we can provide those items for families in need--just call us.  We take care of most everything else including breakfast and lunch for families who fill out the paperwork and qualify.  But, as those of you returning to Jefferson know, I like to answer that question in a different way, too.  An answer that gets to the heart of our success as a school:

What does your child need for school?  

  • An open mind, ready to learn.  
  • A belief that they are special and will achieve great things.
  • A good night sleep and a nourished body and mind so that they are ready to do all the wonderful things we have planned for them.  
  • A predictable routine that they can rely on each day.  
  • A space set aside, at home, for school work.  
  • An adult, at home, that will check their folder and agenda nightly and support them in achieving the goals they are working to attain.

If you commit to providing for those needs, there will be no stopping your child.  The Jefferson team is committed to providing children with a first-class education, nurturing and encouragement throughout their school day, as well as high expectations and support to reach those expectations.  We are “in your corner” -ready to help when you need us.  Just call or email.

Together, we are shaping a generation that will cure disease, care for and protect others, unlock mysteries, construct and invent, advance education, guide policy decisions, and so much more.  Our little ones just need the right start to open every door and make all things possible for them.  I welcome you on this 180 day journey and invite you to make the most of it by getting and staying involved.  Let’s make this the best year ever!

Your partner in education,

Judy Castrogiovanni
Jefferson Elementary Principal




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