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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
COVID-19 Update:24 November 2020 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 November 2020

As cases continue to rise across the state of Pennsylvania, we are continuing to deal with this unpredictable time. Along with state cases rising, the district is facing quarantines, staffing issues, and travel quarantines. We will continue to work with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Pennsylvania Department of Health throughout this difficult time.

Over the past week there have been many changes to guidance issued by the PA Department of Health and Department of Education regarding pandemic precautions. One of the changes causing some confusion is a mandate requiring out-of-state travelers to quarantine.

Anyone who travels to a state on the current list is required to quarantine for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania. In order to avoid the 14 day quarantine requirement, a person must have a negative test within 72 hours before returning to Pennsylvania. A negative test obtained after returning to Pennsylvania does not eliminate the obligation to quarantine.

There has also been a new mandate issued regarding required facial coverings/masks. It is now more important than ever for all of us to wear our masks. The new mandate has raised many questions, especially regarding athletics. We are waiting for clarification from the Department of Education and the Department of Health. For now, the actual mandate can be accessed by clicking this link.

Finally, the PA Department of Education issued a new document that indicates when schools should close based on COVID infections. We are constantly monitoring students and staff throughout the district. Based on the information that was received yesterday, the matrix to decide school closure found in the document is mandatory. I am committed to closing schools any time and every time this new matrix indicates we should.

There is an additional requirement that has to be submitted to the PA Department of Education by November 30, 2020. The form is an Attestation Ensuring Implementation of Mitigation Efforts. Essentially, the district must ensure we are following the face covering order and matrix to decide school closure. The form can be accessed at

We will continue to stay in the hybrid model of instruction at this time. Please know that the mode of instruction could be switched as the district receives additional information.

I am hopeful that you can enjoy the holiday with your family in some fashion. I will provide updates as they become available.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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