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Friday, April 23, 2021
North Pocono Intermediate School
North Pocono Intermediate School
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NPI Students on TV Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 March 2021
NPI Students on TV

Several of Mrs. Fromert’s students were recently interviewed by a reporter of WNEP. The students had the opportunity to participate in the interview to discuss the Junior Achievement virtual Biz Town simulation program they recently completed. The interview was conducted through a zoom meeting in the comfort of their homes. The enthusiastic students that participated in the interview were Kira Benjamin. Audrey Cassel and Keeyra Stulgis. Keeyra, Audrey and Kira all had very impressive answers about their personal experiences with the online BizTown simulator.

Prior to completing the online BizTown simulator students enthusiastically worked on the BizTown curriculum with Mrs. Fromert, their gifted support teacher. The Junior Achievement BizTown curriculum gave the students the opportunity to learn concepts in economics and personal finance. The North Pocono students were the first students in the area to complete the curriculum and online simulation.

During the interview with WNEP students were asked three questions each about the simulation Keeyra Stulgis stated “ I liked dealing with the angry customers in the simulation. I learned how to handle angry customers so when I grow up, I will be able to handle them. I liked going virtual-- you get to experience a different environment and everybody is working very hard to make the simulation happen.” Kira Benjamin stated “I liked being able to manage a business and having the businesses in the program being ones that exist in real life. I learned how to manage a business and being in the shoes of that job. Going virtual was interesting and it was different. But, I think everyone handled it very well. “

Audrey Cassel stated “I liked everything about the simulation. I got to experience jobs that I never knew existed until now. I got to manage an angry customer, and that was really fun. With the virtual things going on, I knew that some websites are hard to get into. JA Biztown Adventures is easy to access. I learned about checks, deposit tickets, and I learned about financing. I know how to do more things that adults do, and I know that will help me in the future. Going virtual was hard, but the simulation was one less thing I needed to worry about. “

The gifted students have participated in Junior Achievement BizTown and Finance Park programs for many years. The students are glad they are still able to participate in the program virtually and hope to continue to do so in the future. The online simulation was enjoyed by the students but the interview by WNEP was by far an awesome experience for the students. Thank you to Junior Achievement staff and WNEP reporter Sarah Buynovsky for an amazing opportunity for the students.

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