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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
North Pocono Intermediate School
North Pocono Intermediate School
701 Church Street • Moscow, PA 18444 • (570) 842-7676 • FAX (570) 842-4027
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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Members of the 5th Grade Student Council at NPI have been showing and sharing their school spirit every morning as they “Meet and Greet” every student who walks through the doors. Pictured are Aubrey Bowen, Ava Oltmann, Brianna Carlo, Bryn Palmer, Lily Mucha, Ellie Spence, and Hailey Kennedy who are all members of the “Meet and Greet” committee in Student Council. They have been rocking some original cheers, words of encouragement, reminders of NPI’s fundraiser goal, and simply spreading their infectious enthusiasm and joy with everyone as they enter the building during homeroom. The members rotate each morning and have been a wonderful addition to the positive happenings here at NPI. Keep up the great work, 5th Grade Student Council!

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