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Monday, June 18, 2018
North Pocono Middle School
North Pocono Middle School
701 Church Street • Moscow, PA 18444 • (570) 842-4588 • FAX (570) 842-1783
• Guidance FAX (570) 795-0063

Middle School Teams

Following proven, research-based middle school concepts, the North Pocono Middle School is arranged according to teams. These teams function as schools within a school. All students and core subject teachers are assigned to a particular team; students are scheduled for core classes taught by teachers on their team and attended by students on their team. Even with a school population of around 800, the North Pocono Middle School can, using teams, provide students with the attention and insight offered by a school with less than 150 students.

Click a team below or on the menu to the left to visit that particular team's site.