Progress Continues on New High School
Tuesday, 03 February 2009
Cabinets in Tech Room

The Art Room begins to take shape. Walls have been painted and cabinets are being installed.

Even though the walls in the administration area have not been completed, it is no indication of the progress within the new school. The remainder of the front of the school is covered so that work may continue in the main vestibule and cafeteria areas. Within the building, the walls have been painted and tile and cabinets are being installed in classrooms, art rooms and advanced tech rooms of the lower level. The ceiling grid for the lower and mid-level halls and classrooms has been completed. Concrete was poured in the gym area and the locker rooms have been painted and are ready for the locker installation. Overall the lower and mid levels of the building are on schedule, and the gym and administration areas are two weeks behind. The general contractor, Lobar, has stated that the completion date of the school is only two weeks behind the original date.
District officials are coordinating with Lobar as to when the district can begin moving items to the new school. Because areas of the school are on schedule, items will be moved into storage areas at the beginning of May. Books and school supplies that are in storage in the current high school storage will be placed in the lower and mid-level storage areas. The entire move into the new school will begin in June and the date for the opening of school for September 2009 remains on schedule.

Construction Update Image Gallery - 2/09

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