The Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates that all 501 500 public school districts contract with a certified public accountant to perform an annual local audit of district revenue and spending. The North Pocono School District currently contracts with Murphy, Dougherty, and Company to perform this annual audit.

In addition, PDE has performed regular and performance audits of school districts in Pennsylvania over the last thirty years by partnering with the Pennsylvania Auditor General's Office. These audits have been historically performed periodically. However, due to staffing and budget cuts in the Auditor General's Office, the period has been steadily growing. In March 2022, the Auditor General announced that his office would no longer be conducting audits on behalf of PDE, reverting responsibility for conducting audits to PDE.  At this time, the future of these audits is unknown.

Below, you can find copies of the most recent local and state audits of the North Pocono School District.