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Accident Insurance

While North Pocono does not carry medical insurance on students attending school in the district, it does provide parents/guardians with the opportunity to cover their children with a primary excess accident insurance plan. Student accident insurance can help parents/guardians manage the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses, since many group insurance policies no longer pay full hospital and medical expenses and may require a deductible or co-insurance.

To learn more, please see the linked brochure. Within it are coverage details, instructions, and an enrollment form for those that are interested. For those that elect this coverage, should you have a claim, review these filing instructions.



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Health Insurance

Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, offers health insurance for uninsured children and teens under the age of 19 who are residents of Pennsylvania and meet certain criteria. To learn more about CHIP, visit the program website at or view the program brochure here (please note that the preceeding links take you to sites outside of the North Pocono website; the North Pocono School District is not responsible for the content of these sites).




Chromebook Insurance

The number one most important thing that a parent can do to eliminate the cost of non-intentional damage or destruction to a district-issued Chromebook is to buy insurance. The North Pocono School District has partnered with Worth Ave. Group to provide group-discounted insurance to parents for their child's assigned Chromebook. There are two policies available: one which covers accidental damage and another that covers accidental damage and theft. The cost of the insurance is less than $50 per year. Three things to note:

  • Insurance enrollment is only available at select times during the school year. When enrollment is open, you can purchase a policy from here: note that this link takes you to a site outside of the North Pocono website; the North Pocono School District is not responsible for the content of this site.
  • To avoid running afoul of the law, you must purchase insurance prior to any damage occurring to a Chromebook.
  • A Chromebook charger with accidental damage is covered by your insurance policy, however, intentional or lost/stolen chargers are not covered by the insurance policy. 
  • Insurance claims are filed on all insured devices by the technology office.