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Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Plans

North Pocono School District does not carry medical insurance on students, but does provide parents with the opportunity to select a primary excess group insurance plan.  The purchase of this insurance is completely voluntary; the District does not profit from this sale.

To learn more, please see the linked brochure. Within it are coverage details, instructions, and an enrollment form for those that are interested. For those that elect this coverage, should you have a claim, review these filing instructions.



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Health Insurance

Pennsylvania's Children's Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, offers health insurance for uninsured children and teens under the age of 19 who are residents of Pennsylvania and meet certain criteria. To learn more about CHIP, visit the program website at or view the program brochure here (please note that the preceding links take you to sites outside of the North Pocono website; the North Pocono School District is not responsible for the content of these sites).




Secondary Student Chromebook Protection

Students in grades six through twelve have been assigned a district Chromebook as a tool to utilize in their education at the North Pocono School District.  As with a textbook, it is the student’s responsibility to care for this device, maintain its components, and ensure its working condition.

The district has chosen to offer a protection plan in case of damage to this device.  The yearly protection plan costs $20 and it covers accidental damage to the device or device inoperability.  This fee does not cover loss/theft or intentional damage. Should a Chromebook experience damage on more than one occasion, an additional $30 processing fee will be imposed.

Purchasing this plan now significantly lowers potential costs for damaged/broken devices for the school year.

  • If you purchase the accidental yearly protection plan for $20:  Accidental broken/damaged equipment is fully covered (only subject to an additional processing fee of $30 for multiple incidents).
  • If you do not purchase the accidental yearly protection plan for $20:  Broken or damaged equipment may be assessed to the total cost of a new Chromebook and/or charger up to a total of $589 for each event.  

You can enroll in the protection plan by paying the fee for the plan in your Infinite Campus parent portal with a check, credit card, or debit card (cash payments can still be accepted your child's main office). Please submit payment no later than September 30.  If payment is not received by the deadline, you will assume responsibility for full replacement or repair cost ranging up to $589. 

There will be NO opportunity to purchase protection after September 30.