Tax Info

Tax Types

The Board of Directors of the North Pocono School District, in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, levies taxes on district residents to fund the operation of the district's public schools in the manner prescribed by the Pennsylvania School Code of 1949 (amended). The district levies the following taxes:

  • Real Estate Tax (commonly referred to as property taxes)
  • Earned Income Tax (commonly referred to as EIT or wage taxes)
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax

Tax Assessments and Rates

Real Estate Tax is levied based on the assessed value of each property, as determined by the resident county's office of assessment and appeals.  The Board of Directors sets property taxes at a particular number of mills, which is a number of dollars for every thousand dollars of assessed value. Hypothetically, if taxes were set at seventeen (17) mills, the owner of a property assessed at $201,000 would pay $17 x 201, for a total of $3417.  Millage for 2021-2022 is levied at 145.53 mills for Lackawanna County property owners and 19.69 mills for Wayne County property owners.

Earned Income Tax is levied at 0.5% on all earned income.

Real Estate Transfer Tax is levied at 0.5% on all real estate transactions.

Tax Equalization

Of the 500 school districts in Pennsylvania, 416 are located within the borders of a single county. The remaining 84 districts, including North Pocono, span two or more counties. When this is the case, a state agency known as the State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) utilizes information on market values of properties in each county to divide the tax burden amongst the residents in the district. When the district sets millage rates in each county, it is done in accordance with the rules of STEB. To learn more about STEB, you can visit their website here.

Tax Collection

Real Estate Tax is collected by the elected tax collector of each municipality in the school district.  Earned Income Tax is collected by Berkheimer and Associates. Real Estate Transfer Tax is collected by the Recorder of Deeds in the county in which the transferred property exists. Delinquent Real Estate Tax is collected by Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd.

Lehigh Twp Property Tax Rebates

A mathematical error in billing occured for Lehigh Twp property owners prior to October 2020.  To learn more about available refunds, please click here.