Lehigh Twp Tax Refunds

Due to a calculation error, some Lehigh township residents may be entitled to a refund for property taxes. Below is a letter from the Superintendent explaining this possibility, along with a form to apply for a refund. Please note that the refund form has been revised as of 13 November 2020. When completing the refund form, you do not have to submit a copy of your property deed. We realize that it has been a burden for many to obtain a copy of the deed for their property; therefore, the district is waiving that requirement. The updated form below is provided if one has not already sent in.

At this time, the North Pocono School District Business Office is in the process of preparing your real estate tax reimbursement. Those who have applied and are due a refund will be receiving correspondence from the district which will a contain letter, refund calculation form and a settlement and release agreement. If you receive a letter, please read the letter carefully and follow the directions as outlined.

Should you have any questions, please contact the North Pocono School District Business Office at or (570) 795-0018.