Health Services




The goals of the Certified School Nurse are to maintain and/or improve the health status of students, thus enabling them to profit fully from their educational experiences; and, to promote optimum health status and lifestyles for all students through the joint efforts of the home, school and community.

To that end, the Health Services Office coordinates all student health-related services for the North Pocono School District, including:

  • Collecting and managing student medical data as required by the Pennsylvania School Code.
  • Verifying compliance with state-required physicals, screenings, and immunizations,
  • Providing various physicals and screenings as appropriate,
  • Administering prescribed medications that must be given during school hours according to physician's orders,
  • Storing and managing inventory of prescribed medications,
  • Administering care when needed and maintaining logs of such care,
  • Providing medical referrals as needed,
  • Filing state-required annual and incidental reports,
  • Serving on Student Assistance Program teams,
  • Serving on the Coordinated School Health committee, and
  • Advising the district on policy related to student health.