Human Resources

Mrs. Cathy May

Mrs. Cathy May
Human Resources Coordinator

The Human Resources Office takes care of the most critical component of delivering a world-class education at North Pocono: our employees. The office is staffed by Mrs. Cathy May, Human Resources Coordinator. A graduate of Penn State University, Mrs. May holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration and has experience working in private industry. For over twenty years, however, she has served the North Pocono School District in various capacities, including wage tax collection and payroll
administration, before being appointed Human Resources Coordinator in 2006. She has also served as the chairperson of the district's Safety Committee since its inception in 2014. Her office is responsible for the following:

  • Collecting and managing employee demographic information
  • Coordinating the dissemination of new or updated employee demographic information to other departments and agencies as required
  • Collecting, validating, and storing employee professional certifications and licensures, tracking the status of each, and ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • Collecting, validating, and storing employee clearances, tracking the status of each, and ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • On-boarding new hires and off-boarding those leaving district employment
  • Supporting employees through the retirement process
  • Tracking completion of state-required periodic employee training (such as blood-borne pathogen training, child abuse awareness and reporting training, AED training, etc.) and ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • Managing employee enrollment in all benefit programs
  • Coordinating the resolution of problems with employee benefits
  • Communicating information about employee benefits to all district employees
  • Monitoring benefit expenditures and the cost-competitiveness of current benefit providers
  • Monitoring and comparing the cost of comparable benefits from alternative benefit providers
  • Managing the hiring process
    • Collecting and storing job descriptions for all positions within the district
    • Composing and distributing job postings per current collective bargaining agreements
    • Advertising for applicants for open positions
    • Collecting, collating, and storing submitted job application materials from prospective employees
    • Scheduling interviews with prospective employees
    • Serving as an evaluator and advisor during interviews of prospective employees
    • Communicating with interviewees
    • Preparing the language of Board of Education motions for hiring new employees
  • Advising the Board of Education during the collective bargaining process

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