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Saturday, July 2, 2022
North Pocono High School
North Pocono High School
97 Bochicchio Blvd • Covington Twp, PA 18444 • (570) 842-7606 • FAX (570) 842-2163
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Friday, 20 May 2022

"The month of May is "Better Speech and Hearing Month" for speech language pathologists. The North Pocono High School SLP, Jenna Kirby, invited high school students to attend an informational session to go over the career of speech pathology for those interested. Grace Nauman, Brenna Rice and Austin Arvonio were 3 of the students to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss speech pathology as their future career and find out how to prepare themselves to declare it as their major in college. Shadowing opportunities are also available to really see what the career is all about. North Pocono proudly supports High School students in guiding them even after their years spent in the district. Students can take advantage of this resource at any time by simply contacting their guidance counselor to set up a meeting!"

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