Acceptable Use Policy and Acknowledgement

This form is to be filled out by anyone wishing to use any technology resource provided by the North Pocono School District.  The signature page, once signed, is to be returned to Human Resources where it will be kept on file. 

Athletic Forms

Link to all Athletic Forms.

Authorization For Medication

Important Notice to Parents/Guardians: Please remember, as per state law, no medication of any kind can be dispensed or self-administered by your child at school without a written physician's order. Unfortunately, written permission slips from parents cannot be accepted.

Car Rider Request

This form is to be completed by a parent/guardian who wishes to allow someone to pick up his/her child from school. The form, once completed, is to be returned to the school.

Change of Address

These forms are to be completed and submitted when a student moves. This will allow the district to update the students personal information in the computer system.

Fundraising Request

This form is to be completed by anyone looking to conduct school related fundraising activities. The completed form must be returned to the building principal, and/or Athletic Director prior to the to conducting the fundraising activity. The principal/athletic director will then submit all forms to the superintendent for approval.

Media/Website Release Form for Students

This form is to be completed by a parent/guardian to allow the publishing of student information in public information outlets, such as the district website. The completed form should be returned to the child's homeroom teacher.

Permission Form: Middle School Ski Club

This form is to be completed and submitted by any student wishing to attend a Ski Club trip. After completion, it must be returned to the Ski Club advisor.

Request for use of School Property and Facility License Application and Agreement

These forms are to be completed and submitted by any organization or individual requesting the use of school property and/or facilities. It is the first step toward being approved to use school property and/or facilities: the completion of these forms does not guarantee the approval of use. The completed forms must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent.

Request for Notification of Upcoming Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Application of Pesticides

This form can be submitted by any parent or guardian wishing to be contacted in advance of the application of chemical pesticides. The parent must submit the form each year to the main office of the building his/her child attends.

Request for Transportation Private/Parochial Students

This form is to be completed and submitted by a parent/guardian who is requesting district-provided transportation for his/her child to a private or parochial school. After completion, the form must be returned to the Director of Transportation.

Request for Information under the Right-to-Know (Open Records) law [DOCX]

This form is to be completed and submitted by any individual requesting information under Act 3 of 2008. When the form is completed, it should be submitted in one of the following methods.

  1. Via mail to NPSD Open Records Officer, 701 Church Street, Moscow, PA 18444
  2. Via fax to (570) 842-0886, ATTN: Open Records Officer
  3. Via email to

Student Registration Form (New or Returning) [Online Interactive Form]
This is an online form to be completed for all new or returning students, including kindergarten students registering for the first time.  Please click the link above to begin the process.