Safe to Say

If you see something, say something!


Keeping each other safe is a task in which we all play a role. One of the most important things that anyone can do to prevent violence is to say something (to someone in authority) when one sees or hears something (that indicates violence might happen). Protecting yourself, your friends, and members of your community from violence is not "ratting," "squealing," "snitching," or "tattling." In fact, it's just the opposite - it's being loyal to yourself, your friends, and your community.

If you hear something that concerns you, talk to your teacher. Talk to your school resource officer. Talk to a principal:

High school principal Ron Collins (570) 842-7676 ext. 5600
Middle school principal Matt Montoro (570) 842-7676 ext. 3600
Intermediate school principal Eliza Maganzini (570) 842-7676 ext. 4600
Moscow Elementary principal Jeff Hatala (570) 842-7676 ext. 6600
Jefferson Elementary principal Judy Castrogiovanni (570) 842-7676 ext. 2600

Talk to the police:
Covington Township Police: (570) 842-6400
Moscow Borough Police: (570) 842-2061
Pennsylvania State Police (Dunmore): (570) 963-3156

You can even call 911.

If you become aware of potential or planned violence, don't be silent. If you see something...say something!