To the Trojan faithful: you can now load up on North Pocono gear in two different ways, making it easier than ever to show your North Pocono Pride! #NPPROUD

Option 1 - North Pocono High School School Store

North Pocono High School School Store Logo

This school store has unique merchandise that is in stock and displayed in the windows of the school store outside the cafeteria. Like many brick and mortar stores, however, there are a number of limitations.

  • The merchandise is only available for purchase by North Pocono High School students and staff.
  • Store hours are limited to when school is in session.
  • Orders must be placed by contacting
  • Payment must be made before orders are delivered (debit and credit cards are NOT accepted).
  • Orders must be picked up in the High School main office during school hours.

Option 2 - Moscow Elementary Center School Store

MEC School Store Logo

This student-run school store has unique merchandise.

  • The merchandise is only available for purchase by MEC students only during specified times only.
  • You can view available merchandise by visiting the MEC School Store website at
  • Orders must be placed by completing the Google Form linked on the website.
  • Payment must be made via exact cash delivered in an envelope with the student's name and class (checks, debit cards, and credit cards are NOT accepted).

Option 3 - BSN Sports

BSN Sports Logo

Admittedly, the school store is only able to reach a small part of Trojan Nation. So, we've partnered with BSN Sports to make a huge variety of Trojan gear available to everyone 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected device. From clothes and blankets to decals, chairs, tumblers, and more, the BSN North Pocono Trojans store has all the Trojan gear you could want. The store enables buyers to select from numerous designs for each item (using the button below 'Add to Cart'), so you can get a particular sport, activity, or design that you like on just about any item and in just about any color that you prefer. Some items even allow you to add a name and/or number. The possibilities are endless!

All payment and shipping is done directly through BSN. The BSN Sports store and all of its operations are independent of the North Pocono School District. While they have historically provided an excellent experience to North Pocono buyers, the district bears no responsibility for orders, payments, shipping, or item quality. Purchasing North Pocono branded gear from BSN Sports is a relationship solely between the buyer and BSN Sports.

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